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John Coletta Mandolin Tutorial

Unique tunes - Shanty From the Song Shanty on the

Humpff Family Revival CD

Shanty Harmony.png

SHANTY (J Coletta/D FitzPatrick


The Lochaber boys and Buckie loons

Parked their fleets and stowed harpoons

Paid in cash, shower and shave

Bait for girls who

And hour on land and they still

Seven pints on a small tin tray

The barman rolls the empty

The fuel that loosens up their legs

The dancing’s on the wilder side

A guttered boy and loon collide

Glasses smash to the snare drums rattle

The band play through a rage and battle


We played “la mer”,

Bottle o rum with the drunken sailors

As they punched one another

yo ho ho with the     drunken sailors

Fishing for puns

Early in the morning with the drunken sailors

By “sole to sole” they

Woke up in a long boat with the with the

Had each other’s throats

drunken sailors yo ho ho ho ho!

Get back to your boats

The doormen soon admit defeat,

and leave the loon the boy to beat

But in a trice the fight was fought,

hands were shook and drinks were bought

Before the peace the boss had fled,

so bar staff drank as band were fed

Amidst apocalyptic ruin,

sleeping trawler-men were strewn

A waitress says "that went well",

the drummer chokes "they fought like hell!"

She said "you don't understand,

If they like the gig they wont trash the band"


Bottle o Rum with the drunken Sailors

Yo ho ho with the drunken sailors

Early in the morning with the drunken Sailors

Woke up in a long boat with the with a Yo ho ho

Bottle o Rum with the drunken Sailors

Yo ho ho with the drunken sailors

Early in the morning with the drunken Sailors

Woke up in the morning with a Yo ho ho


© J Coletta

Sorry Is A Useless Word (J Coletta D Fitzpatrick)


There's nothing I can say to make amends

I will always regret what occurred

Can't give you a day to live again

sorry is a useless word


My face is in shock as you scream out my crime

(ooo---------------------------ooo what a big shit)

I wince at your obvious hurt

(ooo-----------------------ooo what a shit)

Apologies are a waste of time 'cause

(ooo----------------ooo what a big shit)

Sorry is a useless word                    Sorry is a useless…

(Sorry is a useless word...)

word                    Sorry is a useless word.

(Sorry is a useless wo---------------------rd.)


Sometimes it seems I'm a selfish shit

It’s not I don't care. I don't think!

And if I'm content then that's where I sit

And let the world go to the brink


Like we sit at the top of the food chain

Out-competing until they’re extinct

Things I've never heard of are never heard of again

And let the world go to the brink


 © J Coletta


(John Coletta)


as I walked in the door your averting eyes dart
You aim the lost composure from across the room           
You perfectly express a sinking heart

Mine broke again on the same old wound                        
I felt the moment pass as our eyes never met         
As we drive each other to opposite spaces                      
your body language a mime of regret

Our atoms can't share the same places….

Is it ‘cause I Know I love you, ‘with all the heart in my chest?

Is it ‘cause I'm so proud of you, when you're playing at your best?

Is it ‘cause I will defend you, when your useless friends are fake?

Is it ‘cause I will cook for you, just the way that you dictate?

Is it ‘cause I fixed your house, to be just the way you wanted?
Is it ‘cause I dug for you, in a garden that I hated?
Is it ‘cause I roll your cigarette, despite cigaretti breath?
Is it ‘cause when I drive, you can drink yourself to death?


Only now I share your indifference, Thank you for calling time

For a long time I was left alone to fight our stubborn grime
Why be lonely in your house, When I can be lonely in mine

Lonely in yours when    I can be Lonely in mine


Is it ‘cause you fill the floor, with your useless precious stuff?
Is it ‘cause I’m not disgusted, at your filthy sheets and fluff?
Is it ‘cause I’ll clean your tooth-brush, when it becomes encrusted?
Am I aging like my car, clapped out, old and rusted?

Is my flat another country, with customs you can’t fathom?
I'm your minion to command; in your unhealthy kingdom
Its part of all these things, my perspectives rearranged
That's the moment that you loose me,

'cause I see how we have changed


© J Coletta

YOU’RE SO FINE (J Coletta/D FitzPatrick)


Your dancing started, like a child

And stony hearted, critics smiled

The tough moves were smooth, perfected to prove

You survived, more alive


Your body's changing, not your style

Maybe age brings, freedom while

The music is hot, and you see just what
Is left to loose, the steps you choose


You can make the day change colour,

When you chase cats up the tree

Without you life is duller, I believe I believe

And if my faith is tested,

I won't say amen

To fears and years arrested,

I'll watch you dance again


When you’re moving, sharp and clean

a lithesome, fluid, fine routine

Each bend and curve, each smile and swerve

You have been, loved and seen


© J Coletta

This Kind Of Love ( J Coletta D Fitzpatrick)



He thought he had it hidden, the workings of his mind

She was the stuff of casual fantasy

He summoned up all the spirit he could find

She caught his eye, emphasised a curve

Flattered or bored enough, for any kind of love


Something deep, something hidden,

Something she can’t quite define,

Made him smile, think she's shallow

But she knows, he knows,

That her face is more important than her mind



Staring at the ceiling, watching shadows glide

A careful skirt around the compromise

Amazed to see how much that decent cloths can hide

He wants to talk, about someone else

She fights the urge to try and justify herself


She knows the lies, and the excuses,

She knows exactly How it rhymed

And while he names the few exceptions,

That show, they go to show,

That her face is more important than her mind


Oh Este Typo de querer

Este Typo de querer

Todos Quieran amar



© J Coletta

HAUNTED (Coletta)


The radio mutters, from a warm room far away

The market has crashed, and there are fingers of blame

Today was like yesterday, a template for more

Haunted by hatred, regrets and remorse

This is the future, this is some sunny day

The wind shakes the window, and spits gusts of rain

You relax in the water, cut tension in half

But it's suddenly cold, when you wake in the bath


Time is telling you, to make a decision

So you size it all up, without discussion

And you come round in yesterday's world

The only one who knows, that your not the same girl

You don't feel the heat, you just see the sunshine

And the burden on shoulders, that can't live without overtime

You don't see the smoke, that cuts the blue sky

You feel the embers of friendship, but don't say good- bye


© J Coletta

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